Occupation: People

A non-profit group that brings people practitioners together, organised by Zinc.

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Automation in Talent Operations 🤖

Our next event is will bringing people practitioners together to discuss the emerging field of Talent Operations and using automation effectivley.

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Listen to previous attendees and speakers share their experiences of Occupation People.

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Occupation: People by Zinc

A non-profit group organised by Zinc that brings people practitioners (HR, Recruitment, Talent) together. We discuss topics like onboarding, culture, hiring tools, scaling, recruiting automation and candidate experience.

Previous Event - May 2019

Culture-add: just a fad?

Ten years on from the Netflix Culture deck, we looked at how culture has evolved. Talent leaders from YoYo Wallet, Onfido & OpenSignal spoke.

Looking into the future of culture

Previous Event - July 2019

Rewarding onboarding

With great speakers from Enboarder, Trouva, Monzo and GoCardless, we learnt what great onboarding looks like.

Things we learnt at rewarding onboarding

Previous Event - Sept 2019

Exceptional candidate experience

We leant about techniques to measure and improve candidate experience. Thanks to speakers and panelists from Cytora, HiBob and Troi

Candidate experience, need to know

No time to reference?

Comprehensive reference checking, without the hassle.

Previous Talk - Video

Theory of constraints for candidate experience

Ben O'Mahony, Cytora at exceptional candidate experience talking about bottlnecks a theory to follow for improving candidate experience.

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Previous Talk - Video

The 5 characteristics of a human culture

Kirstin Furber at Culture-add: just a fad? talking about the Five Characteristics of human culture.

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Previous Talk - Video

Culture-add referencing

Luke Shipley at Culture-add: just a fad? talking about Zinc's Culture-add Automated referencing tool.

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Previous Talk - Video

Experience-driven onboarding

Chris Jones - Enboarder at Rewarding Onboarding talking about Experience-driven onboarding.

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Previous Talk - Video

Referencing for onboarding

Luke Shipley at Rewarding Onboarding talking about how to extract onboarding insights from referencing.

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