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Luke Shipley

Luke Shipley

26th March 2019

Mobile optimised

We now have a fully mobile optimised application where HR Managers, recruiters and candidates alike can request references, update their profile and share information seamlessly through an optimised flow.

Recruiter demo

We’ve updated the recruiter journey. If you’d like to watch it within the app or test it out, go to the ‘Recruit’ tab and choose if you’d like to watch a reference or an ID check. We’ve implemented this to make it super easy for anyone looking to conduct a reference reducing the barrier to entry.

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Google design sprint

To kickstart 2019, we ran a Google design sprint and got back to basics answering why we’re passionate about these solving problems in work & hiring, why we are kept up at night thinking and working through weekends. We’re building a best in class never seen before piece of software and we are hungry to take our platform to the next level. We’ve defined a hypothesis statement, built a prototype and took it to customers for feedback. All in 1 week! The week brought clarity to our vision, our hypothesis and where we can be unbeatable.

Calling all recruiters & HR professionals

As part of the Google design sprint we have been collecting invaluable feedback regarding the referencing tool. If you know any recruiters or HR professionals at tech scale-ups please put us do connect us; Or refer them onto this formZinc t-shirts are available for any referrals or anyone that completes the survey.


We’ve updated the payments page so users can pay for the Startup and Enterprise plans in ZINC tokens directly on the site using a QR code. Simples.

Token withdrawal

Alongside the payment update, users can now withdraw incentive tokens from Zinc. Referees who share honest and qualitative feedback can choose to use the tokens to collect references or withdraw.

In the press

New login

Based on previous feedback from decentralised users we prioritised the login to ensure we have a more streamlined flow. Essentially we have custom-built a new form using Auth-0 which enables users to log-in using their preferred favourite platform — from Google to Blockstack! We have deployed this, please let us know your feedback and thoughts on this crucial part of the flow.

Custom questions

On request, we have also added custom questions into the reference flow. This is a premium feature only available for users on Professional & Enterprise plans.


We are thrilled to be listed second in Blockstack’s App Mining Program for January — that’s now two months in a row we’ve been in a podium position. In January Blockstack added another reviewing platform called: Testmyui. Zinc has been awarded an impressive $16,000 which we will use to further improve the UI & UX of the dApp. If you haven’t checked out Blockstack, do so here:

Token update

We wanted to give a formal update on the circulating supply of ZINC and make people aware of future updates or possible updates to be as transparent as possible. The supply changed following the communities decisive vote to burn 50% of the unsold T1 Crowdsale tokens. As of December the token total supply went down to 22,879,999 ZINC. Read the full update here.

Back to- mine — Martin Dangerfield

Zinc participated in a highly targeted, intimate in-house recruitment event in the heart of London. It was an all-day affair with lots of opportunities to speak to potential customers and partners.

Direct Delta

Zinc is live on Delta Direct! All our latest updates will now be directly available on @get_delta! Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out. Delta Direct delivers trustworthy, transparent & leading edge cryptocurrency information to its users.

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