Our mission

Zinc is redefining the reference check. Offering new formulas for referencing, unlocking new data and opening up new insights. Propelling referencing from a painful part of your process - to the most impressive. Zinc’s scalable technology will facilitate unforgettable candidate journeys.

Photo of Charlotte Hall
Charlotte Hall
Photo of Helen Gilroy-Powell
Helen Gilroy-Powell
Content Marketing Lead
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Lenard Pratt
Junior Software Developer
Photo of Luke Shipley
Luke Shipley
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Peter Brooke
Photo of Sanjeev Ponnapula
Sanjeev Ponnapula
Tech Lead


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Alexandra Kelly
Employment Entrepreneur
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Keith Teare
Tech-Unicorn Entrepreneur
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Fabian Vogelsteller
Ethereuem Core Dev

Our story

Luke, one of the founders of Zinc, spent the best part of a decade in the field of recruitment. He saw a field plagued with inefficiency, prejudice and a lack of transparency. One problem stuck with Luke, a problem that encapsulated the issues in recruiting - referencing. The practice is plagued with poor candidate experiences, bias, data wastage, and inefficient processes.

Luke believed a fairer, transparent process was possible. One which was quick, easy and productive for every party. A process enabling candidates to own their data, and companies got the in-depth, unbiased insight they needed.

At the beginning of 2019, team Zinc defined what they are passionate about...

Our vision:

  • Zinc will become the go-to formula for referencing - with or without our tools.
  • Zinc will create the fabric for the future of sustainable work data.
  • Defining new forms of referencing, creating an industry standard for applicant referencing.
  • Shift behaviors in referencing, opening up new information to extract.


  • Helping shape the future of work, a future that cares about privacy.
  • Initiating interviewing that respects individuals time & work data.
  • Spread widespread referencing knowledge, leading to safer, more productive practice for all.